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Table 1 shows the comparison in the average crop yield per plant, average fruit weight, and average number of fruits per plant in different crops grown in aeroponic growing systems (AG) and in the field (FG). The average crop yield per plant (and total yield) was higher in the crops grown in aeroponic systems as compared to […]

2.1. Plant Material Seedlings of different leafy vegetables/herbs (basil, Ocimum basilicum; chard, Beta vulgaris; parsley, Brassica oleracea; red kale, Petroselinum crispum) and fruit crops (bell pepper, Capsicum annuum; cherry tomatoes,Solanum lycopersicum; cucumber, Cucumis sativus; squash, Cucurbita pepo) were grown in 2” jiffy pots during the month of May, 2012. One-month-old, fully developed seedlings were transplanted in the test plot and aeroponic growing […]

Over the years, research on antioxidants, as potential therapeutic agents to prevent free radical generated damage in the human body, has gained popularity. Antioxidants of natural origin, compared to the synthetic antioxidants present in the market, have attracted considerable attention by consumers and by researchers since there is concern of synthetic antioxidants consumption due to […]

Scientific Research Assessment of Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Content, Antioxidant Properties, & Yield of Aeroponically and Conventionally Grown Leafy Vegetables and Fruit Crops: A Comparative Study Abstract A comparison of the product yield, total phenolics, total flavonoids, and antioxidant properties was done in different leafy vegetables/herbs (basil, chard, parsley, and red kale) and fruit crops (bell pepper, […]

When farming with Tower Garden® aeroponic technology, we use a proprietary water soluble ionic mineral solution called “Aeroponic Power-Gro®”. Only the purest earth minerals are used thus allowing us to deliver all necessary & essential nutrients straight to the roots, resulting in a healthier plant growth and a superior crop yield. Furthermore, contrary to fertilizers […]

In order to be labeled “organic”, vegetables, herbs and fruits must be grown in a soil-based environment using a plant or an animal-based fertilizer. In other terms, with commercial organic farming, although free from pesticides and GMOs, the tomatoes, lettuce, and broccoli which you might find in stores are usually grown in a soil depleted […]

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